Learning through movement, music and sensory play is crucial for the developing minds of babies. Children are born with an infinite curiosity about the world around them.  At Think.Play.Love we assist and encourage this curiosity and desire to learn by creating rich learning adventures through weekly themed lessons.

Our classes are strongly linked to the New Zealand early childhood curriculum (Te Wharaki) which is a key strength in the design and planning of our weekly lessons.

Learning activities will include a range of New Zealand music, Te Reo and movement and sensory play which will develop the five senses. These classes will give your little ones a great head start on their first stages of learning.

We cater for all children under 4 years of age and have the following classes available:


Cruisers – Babies 0-7 months

Right from birth babies are learning about the world around them via their senses which is why we have created a class dedicated to nurturing our youngest babies. Our ‘Cruisers’ class is suitable for babies aged 0-7 months and we recommend parents start bringing their little ones from around 8 weeks of age. Within this class we have a wide range of learning experiences related to our weekly theme. We will include a variety of movement activities to promote developmental milestones relevant to this age group such as rolling, sitting and crawling. Throughout the term we also include baby massage and sign language activities. With our extensive range of sensory resources including parachutes, bubbles, instruments and fibre optic lights to name a few, we are sure you and your little one will have a blast!

Movers – Babies 7-12 months

This class is specially designed for our older babies that are more active and inquisitive! This class is not limited to babies that are on the move already as there will be other babies that are not yet crawling in the group however, we will include a range of activities to encourage crawling, body awareness, eye tracking and much more. Learning through the senses and through play is hugely beneficial in developing neural connections within the brain and will set your baby up with the best start in life! Bring your baby along and allow them to explore our sensory resources, express themselves through music, explore texture and movement and experience great social interactions with other babies.


Groovers – Children aged 1-3.5 years
Our Groover’s class consists of a 45min session of music and sensory learning experiences. There will be a wide variety of activities related to the weekly theme that allow your child to explore the world through their senses, express themselves through music and develop important brain pathways through movement. We also provide activities that develop fine and gross motor skills, hand/eye coordination, body awareness and activate their balance (vestibular) system.

Come along with your little one and join in the fun!

Hold Think.Play.Love Classes in your Early Childhood Centre!
We can bring our music, movement and sensory classes to your Early Childhood Centre too. Choose from our pre-planned lessons or let us adapt our plans to the themes that are taking place in your centre.

Each session has a range of movement activities to activate the vestibular system, develop body awareness, encourage core strength, head and neck control; and promote cross patterning all of which aid in the development of important brain pathways and encourage children to reach developmental milestones such as rolling and crawling for babies and marching and jumping for toddlers. We also include a wide range of sensory activities using a huge variety of exciting resources to capture the children’s attention and imagination and allowing them to freely express themselves, all the while helping to develop their language acquisition and understanding of the world around them.

We run weekly sessions for a period of 10 weeks at a time. The length of each session is 45mins.

Please contact us for information about rates and availability

Think.Play.Love Birthday Parties
Why not let Think.Play.Love entertain the children at your little ones birthday party! We have a range of pre-planned lessons that you can choose from or tell us your theme and we will try our best to incorporate it. With our huge range of exciting resources such as bubbles, glow in the dark fun, instruments. parachutes and much more we have no doubt that all the children involved will love it!

Our birthday party sessions run for 45mins and are suitable for all children under the age of 4 (although older children are welcome to take part also)

Add a special touch to your birthday party by gifting each child one of our exciting sensory resources to take home! We have a selection of instruments and glow in the dark resources available for purchase.

Please contact us for information about rates and availability